First to Marijuana Market (AND FREE) Empowers The Investing Public!

WELCOME TO INFLUENCE YOUR INVESTMENT™ was categorically created for anyone looking to secure a social-media-edge within the publicly traded marijuana markets.

Fortune420 empowers the investing public with an innovative network of custom analytics which monitor social impact (via Twitter) with insight into investment sentiment by utilizing a multi-functional feed system Concept called Audience420™.


Audience420™ tracks $Cashtags, #Hashtags, and custom timelines, then creates analytical visualizations (in real-time intervals) which promote engagement and provide perception into what`s trending (and why) by digging deep into day-by-day stats, chart relationships, and Topics.

Audience420™ (Methodical parts) Momentum420– Rival420 – Viral420 – MustWeed – Sentiment420 – Crypto420

1. Momentum420™ |  Hashtag: #Momo420Momentum420-FINAL6

Momentum420™ (#Momo420) can be used a number of ways to gain an analytical advantage when making informed-trade-decisions by monitoring hashtag-message-volumes for surges in subjective sentiment. Influence Your Investments Industry using hashtag-keywords and/or the embedded time-lines using hashtag #Momo420. #Momo420 / Influence Your Investment™

(Momentum420™ Resets Once a Week (Every Sunday) @ 4:20PM N.Y Time

2. Rival420™ | Hashtag: #Rival420
Rival420 - Influence Your Investment

Rival420(#Rival420) The “Analytical Arena” of the publicly-traded marijuana world, where companies compete categorized by industry using Cashtags. (Cashtags use “$” before stock tickers (e.g. GWPH = $GWPH). Rival Requests: / Influence Your Investment™

 (Rival420 Resets Once a Week (Every Sunday) @ 4:20PM New York Time.)

3. Viral420™ | Hashtag: #Viral420 Viral420 - Influence Your Investment

Viral420™ monitors hashtag conversations and cashtag volumes in real-time intervals (via Twitter). #Viral420 uses an infectious blend of fundamentals, technical`s, and/or overall analytic-tones of virality in order to make the analytical cut. #Viral420 / Influence Your Investment™

#Viral420™ Resets Once a Week (Every Sunday) @ 4:20PM New York Time.

4. MustReadWeed™ |  Hashtag: #MustWeed

MustReadWeed News-Feed is a dynamic collection of cannabis content from some of the most trusted news sources and search engines from around the world. [ Must Weed – News Feed ]

5. Sentiment420™ |  Influence Your Investment
Sentiment420 - Influence Your Investment

Sentiment420™ streamlines Audience420 and all of it`s parts into one centralized spot where anyone can quickly monitor, interact, and influence investment sentiment via twitter timelines.  Sentiment420 / Influence Your Investment™

6. Crypto420™ |  Hashtag: #Crypto420