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WELCOME TO INFLUENCE YOUR INVESTMENT™ was categorically created for anyone looking to secure a social-media-edge within the publicly traded marijuana markets.

Fortune420 empowers the investing public with an innovative network of custom analytics which monitor social impact with insight into investment sentiment by utilizing a multi-functional feed system Concept called Audience420™.


Audience420™ tracks $Cashtags, #Hashtags, and custom timelines via Twitter, then creates analytical visualizations (in real-time intervals) which promote engagement and provide perception into what`s trending (and why) by digging deep into day-by-day stats, chart relationships, and Topics.

Audience420™ (Methodical parts) Momentum420– Rival420 – Viral420 – MustWeed – Sentiment420 – Crypto420

1. Momentum420™ |  Hashtag: #Momo420Momentum420-FINAL6

Momentum420™ (#Momo420) can be used a number of ways to gain an analytical advantage when making informed-trade-decisions by monitoring hashtag-message-volumes for surges in subjective sentiment. Influence Your Investments Industry using hashtag-keywords and/or the embedded time-lines using hashtag #Momo420. #Momo420 / Influence Your Investment™

(Momentum420™ Resets Once a Week (Every Sunday) @ 4:20PM N.Y Time

2. Rival420™ | Hashtag: #Rival420
Rival420 - Influence Your Investment

Rival420(#Rival420) The “Analytical Arena” of the publicly-traded marijuana world, where companies compete categorized by industry using Cashtags. (Cashtags use “$” before stock tickers (e.g. GWPH = $GWPH). Rival Requests: / Influence Your Investment™

 (Rival420 Resets Once a Week (Every Sunday) @ 4:20PM New York Time.)

3. Viral420™ | Hashtag: #Viral420 Viral420 - Influence Your Investment

Viral420™ monitors hashtag conversations and cashtag volumes in real-time intervals (via Twitter). #Viral420 uses an infectious blend of fundamentals, technical`s, and/or overall analytic-tones of virality in order to make the analytical cut. #Viral420 / Influence Your Investment™

#Viral420™ Resets Once a Week (Every Sunday) @ 4:20PM New York Time.

4. MustReadWeed™ |  Hashtag: #MustWeed

MustReadWeed News-Feed is a dynamic collection of cannabis content from some of the most trusted news sources and search engines from around the world. [ Must Weed – News Feed ]

5. Sentiment420™ |  Influence Your Investment
Sentiment420 - Influence Your Investment

Sentiment420™ streamlines Audience420 and all of it`s parts into one centralized spot where anyone can quickly monitor, interact, and influence investment sentiment via twitter timelines.  Sentiment420 / Influence Your Investment™

6. Crypto420™ |  Hashtag: #Crypto420